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Bridal Makeup

Prepare your skin for your wedding!

Both men and women want to look their best on their big day

Do your makeup artist a favor by having your best skin on your big day. Maybe you won't even need a makeup artist, just a friend that knows how to apply fake lashes.
Just like getting your body in shape, getting your skin in shape for your wedding takes time and planning. As soon as you know your date, reach out for a consultation and we will create a bridal treatment plan for you.
Depending on where you're at with your skincare, we'll make sure you start one right away. We'll talk botox, fillers, laser treatments, and maybe coolsculpting. Ideally we would plan a year in advance, but that doesn't mean I don't have a short term plan as well. There isn't much I would recommend less than 5 weeks out, but I am available for virtual consultations if you have any questions!

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