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Wrinkle relaxer botox xeomin injection boston medspa

Concierge Treatment

Bringing professional anti-aging medical services to the comfort of your own home.


Wrinkle Relaxers

  • Treatment is done with Xeomin

  • Pricing is the same for office and concierge

  • Bring a friend, or gather a group for discounts. Email Hanna for detalis


B12 Vitamin Injections

  • B12 is only available as an Add-On to a wrinkle relaxer treatment.

  • See a boost of energy, concentration, metabolism, and improved sleep as the B12 takes affect on your body

employee health fair injections vitamin shot b12

Bring vitamin shots to your work place

  • Companies putting on health fairs, or as a monthly perk for employees, B12 injections are a great option!

  • Less than 5 minutes per person

  • Increase energy, focus, and sleep quality for your employees

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