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Five Reasons You Should Get Botox

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

You've already been thinking about it, here are 5 reasons to consider getting Botox injections.

1. To prevent wrinkles from developing on your face, which is one the biggest indicators of aging. Preventative Botox can be started as soon as 18, and as late as the first signs of lines that you see at rest. For most of my <25 year old clients, I would first recommend drinking lots of water and starting them on an AlumierMD or SkinBetter Science skin care routine that is focused on hydration and sun protections, along with any other concerns they may have, such as acne.


2. To help soften, and sometimes erase existing mild to moderate facial wrinkles. I do think there is a point where it is too late to start botox, but there is a simple test I call “the stretch test” that can show you what your skin will look like when the botox is at its peak strength. You simply stretch the skin where you see the wrinkle. If it disappears– you’re going to love your botox treatment! If you see a faint or superficial line, you’re going to love your botox treatment, especially after 1 year of consistent treatments! If you see a moderate line, you will want to look at a RF microneedling or resurfacing laser treatment to supplement your botox treatments, and you are going to love the results at the 1 year mark! For those who see a deep line during their stretch test, I’d recommend a consultation with a plastic surgeon, or your favorite injector to see what they think would help you feel great in your skin!


3. To ditch your antiperspirant, and all of its chemical ingredients. Did you know Botox can tell your sweat glands to STOP SWEATING? Hyperhidrosis is commonly suffered on the underarms, hands, feets, and even on the face. Botox is injected into the skin, where the sweat glands live, and can halt excessive sweating for 3-6 months!


4. To treat your migraine headaches and TMJ. Tension in the muscles of the head and neck can cause headaches and migraines. If you have tried other treatments and medications with your PCP and haven’t found the solution, try botox! Your dentist may recommend botox to the masseters to release TMJ pain. If you have bulging or enlarged masseters from grinding your teeth, you will appreciate the pain relief, along with the slimming of your jawline over time.

Which treatment area interests you most?

  • Wrinkle Treatment

  • Migraine/TMJ Relief

  • Hyperhidrosis Treatment

  • Other

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5. Because you want to! It’s never because you need to. And honestly, if you are still feeling shamed by friends or family, they really don’t have to know! My philosophy at Hanna Medical Aesthetics to enhance your natural beauty, and to help you with your graceful aging goals. Book a free virtual consultation today if you have any questions!

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